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Welcome to ANZCA Music Examinations

Drive for innovation is at the heart of our examination system – as is our commitment to aid and encourage the ongoing development of music, its students and its teachers. A non-profit examining body of the performing arts, we use innovative thinking to make the entire examination process more exciting and rewarding for students and teachers.


Guitar Fellowship Performer Concert

Friday, July 08, 2016

Congratulations to Brendan Hains, who achieved his Fellowship Performer Diploma (F.Dip.A.) in Modern Guitar on June 19th. Before a large audience at the Lakeview Auditorium in Caroline Springs (Vic.), Brendan gave a very entertaining concert showcasing his skills with a range of guitar types and musical styles. Brendan was supported by an impressive group of talented musicians including Valentino (flamenco guitar), Jeremy Alsop (bass), Julien Wilson (saxophone ..

Dangerous Reading

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Guest Feature by Dr Robert Keane Pianists beware! Reading can be bad for you. Reading words, that is, not music. On the Easter weekend, I read four textbooks I had saved up at school, and I enjoyed reading throughout Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday, with appropriate breaks. However, I did not realise that my right elbow was positioned in the same place on the arm of my chair and was causing me harm. No indication of this harm was evident till several days later wh ..

Sight-Reading: Why Bother With It?

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Guest Feature by Michelle Nelson In late 2015, the online journal The Conversation (https://theconversation.com/au) published a thought-provoking article Musical Literacy: a skill of some note(s) (https://theconversation.com/musical-literacy-a-skill-of-some-note-s-48575) by Australian music academic Dr Peter Tregear (currently Teaching Fellow, Royal Holloway University of London). The author discusses music notation and its dwindling role in the transmission of contemporary music in the ..





ANZCA Conference 2016

Registrations are now open for ANZCA's 2nd Biennial ANZCA Teacher Conference, to be held at the Australian National University School of Music (Canberra) from Friday September 30 (registration from 5pm) to Sunday October 2.

To register, go to the Conference page (under "News/Events" above) and either click on the online registration link or download the PDF form.

About Us

Since 1982, ANZCA Music Examinations has been renowned for its innovative, flexible and exciting music examination system. Throughout Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia, ANZCA offers creative exam syllabuses to appeal to all contemporary musicians.

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