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Practical and Theory Exams for 2020 – COVID-19 Update

Monday, March 23, 2020
Dear Teachers, Students and Parents,

We sincerely hope you are finding ways to deal with the current crisis; it’s a tumultuous time for everybody. Of course the priority for everyone has to be our health and the health of those around us.

Please take every precaution, as we are here in the ANZCA office. We are constantly monitoring the Government updates and Health websites to ensure our examination and office systems remains valid.

The ANZCA office is still open, but it’s possible we will be working from home in the future. All staff can work from home and we are confident ANZCA will keep operating.

Please remember, should this occur, you will only be able to contact us by email – we will keep you updated on this.

** “Normal” face-to-face examinations are not offered in Series 1 (and Series 2 & 3 will be monitored closely).

Video examinations in 2020

ANZCA will take the innovative step of offering recorded video examinations in 2020 – at least for Series 1 and most likely for Series 2 & 3.

We considered examinations over Skype/Zoom, but are concerned with so many people working from home, the demand on the internet will make streaming unreliable.

Video Examination Overview

Details are still being finalised, but here is an overview of the Video examination requirements:

  • Examinations will consist of Technical Work and pieces only:
    ◦ 3 pieces and Technical Work up to Grade 3
    ◦ 4 pieces and Technical Work from Grade 4
    ◦ Performance exams as per normal – 4 pieces only.
  • ANZCA regulations already allow for Piano examinations to be held on a 5-octave keyboard with full size keys up to Grade 1; this will be extended to Grade 2, allowing more students the opportunity to take their examination at home.
  • Video examinations can be conducted in the teacher’s studio or in the student’s home.
  • Examinations are to be recorded through a mobile phone or a camera.
  • Video examinations must be a single cut – there can be no “break” in the video. Videos with breaks/cuts will not be assessed.
  • The teacher can nominate the examination date and time for their students; students sitting at home must take their examination on the same date and as close as possible to the nominated time.
  • If examinations are held at the teacher’s studio, they will be conducted in Grade order. The exact timetable will be decided by the teacher.
  • A list of technical work will be emailed to the teacher or student (if sitting at home) 20 minutes before the commencement of the examination.
  • The teacher or student/parent will upload the video to DropBox at the completion of the examination, to a folder set up by ANZCA.
  • Further information on correct camera placement and other details will be sent to all teachers with enrolled candidates.

Theory Examinations in 2020

Students will be permitted to sit their Theory examinations at home in Series 1 (and possibly in Series 3). Parents will need to sign the supervisor form outlining the conditions/requirements for theory examinations.

All students must complete their examination on the scheduled dates in the 2020 Examination Information and Handbook. Series 1 Theory examination date is Wednesday, 27 May at 9 am.

Zoom/Skype Examinations

These may be required for higher grade examinations (depending on connection quality).

100% Transfers Guaranteed in 2020

If for any reason a student does not sit an examination in 2020, they will be offered a full transfer which will be valid for any future session in 2020 or 2021.

We hope these extraordinary measures provide students with the confidence to continue with their music education in 2020.

Please make contact by email if you have any questions.

Very best wishes to you all.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,

Tony Betros
General Manager