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Information and Entry Forms – Australia

This material is in PDF format. If you require Adobe Reader, please click here.

Examination Handbook and Information 2021
This PDF booklet includes:
  • Examination Regulations
  • Examination Fees and Closing Dates
Exam entries are accepted on the understanding that teachers are familiar with ANZCA Examination Regulations.

Online entries are now available!  Click here to go to the online entry screen for Practical (Face-to-Face or Video) or Written exams, or enter by post or email using the following forms:

Examination Entry Forms
Note: With the introduction of practical Video examinations, separate forms are now required for conventional Face-to-Face exams and Video exams.
Practical: Introductory–Grade 7, Face-to-Face
Practical: Introductory–Grade 7, Video
Written: Preliminary–Grade 7
Practical and Written: Grade 8–Diploma, Face-to-Face
Practical and Written: Grade 8–Diploma, Video

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Online entries are now available!  Click here to go to the online exam entry screen.