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ANZCA Videos on YouTube

Performances of many works in ANZCA books and syllabuses are now available on YouTube. Below is a list of some of the videos currently online.

Click on the links to open each channel, or go to www.youtube.com and type the channel name in the Search box.

Channel: ANZCALimited
ANZCA's own channel includes a collection of works from I Play Ukulele, Book 1 and Book 2, performed by co-author John Murray.
JUST ADDED: Backing tracks and demonstrations for selected solos from the Drum Kit Performance series. These are also available on our SoundCloud page.

Channel: ACPiano67
Andrew Craggs performs his compositions from the ANZCA Pianoforte grade books.

Channel: David Urquhart-Jones
David Urquhart-Jones plays his piano works, many of which are included in ANZCA syllabuses. This channel also includes recordings of David's works for other instruments and ensembles.

Channel: drumkitcompositions
Mark Murphy performs three works from his book Drumkit Compositions: The Carlton Concerto (Grade 4), Cold Pies (Grade 5) and Moving Meters (Grade 6).

Channel: drums9842
Mark Murphy performs studies from the ANZCA Drum Kit Technical Work book, all works from the Drum Kit Performance series, and solos and demonstrations from the Drum Kit Fills series.

Channel: johnsdrumbooks
John Siranidis performs pieces from his range of drum books, including those listed in the ANZCA syllabus from Grade 5 to Grade 8.

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