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ANZCA Videos On YouTube

Performances of many works in ANZCA books and syllabuses are now available on YouTube. Below is a list of some of the videos currently online.

Click on the links to open each channel, or go to www.youtube.com and type the channel name in the Search box.

Channel: ANZCALimited
ANZCA's own channel includes a collection of works from I Play Ukulele, Book 1, performed by co-author John Murray.

Channel: ACPiano67
Andrew Craggs performs his compositions from the ANZCA Pianoforte grade books and Piano for All Occasions, Studies and Musicianship Book II.

Channel: David Urquhart-Jones
David Urquhart-Jones plays his piano works, many of which are included in ANZCA syllabuses. This channel also includes recordings of David's works for other instruments and ensembles.

Channel: drumkitcompositions
Mark Murphy performs three works from his book Drumkit Compositions: The Carlton Concerto (Grade 4), Cold Pies (Grade 5) and Moving Meters (Grade 6).
Channel: drums9842
Mark Murphy performs studies from the ANZCA Drum Kit Technical Work book, and works from the Drumkit Performance series.

Channel: johnsdrumbooks
John Siranidis performs pieces from his range of drum books, including those listed in the ANZCA syllabus from Grade 5 to Grade 8.

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