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ANZCA Syllabuses

Click on the links below to download ANZCA syllabuses (at no charge) in PDF format. Theory of Music is included in all practical syllabuses except Pianoforte Duet.

If you require a copy of Adobe Reader, please click here to download the latest version.

Please note:
  • The 2015 syllabus changeover period has expired. From 2016, students must present an exam programme from the 2015-17 syllabus wherever available.
  • Syllabuses marked with an asterisk (*) do not include the current Theory Syllabus. Please download the separate PDF Theory of Music 2015-17 for the current requirements.

Prefer to purchase a hard copy? Click here to go to our online store.

• Accordion*
 Brass 2015-17
• Drum Kit 2015-17
• Guitar/Bass/Mandolin 2015-17
• Organ/Keyboard*
• Pianoforte/Keyboard 2015-17
• Pianoforte Duet 2015-17
• Singing 2015-17
• String* (except Violin – see individual syllabus below) 
• Ukulele – Level 1*
• Violin 2015-17
• Woodwind 2015-17
• Theory of Music 2015-17
 Diploma Examinations – Supplementary Information (All Instruments)

ANZCA Performance Syllabuses – General Information for all instruments

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