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Modern Pianoforte, Series 2 – Preparatory


    ANZCAs Series 2 Preparatory Modern Pianoforte grade book contains a range of fun and exciting works by contemporary Australasian composers.

    This book also includes Technical Work, sample Sight Reading and Aural Tests, and General Knowledge guidelines.

    Category 1
        The Big Bass Drum – Glenn R. Hunter
        Brown Bag Rag – Andrew Craggs
        Big Brass Band – Jaye Celman
        Pop Ballad #1 – Hartung Klix
    Category 2
        Sleepy Koala – Glenn R. Hunter
        Rocking Horse – Jaye Celman
        Blackout Blues – Andrew Craggs
        Drag Your Shoes Blues – Hartung Klix
    Category 3
        3 Into 12 – Andrew Craggs
        Busy B – Jaye Celman
        Hands Over Boogie – Glenn R. Hunter
        Catch that Train! – Jaye Celman

    Modern Pianoforte, Series 2 – Preparatory

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