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Modern Pianoforte, Series 2 – Preliminary


    ANZCAs Series 2 Preliminary Modern Pianoforte grade book contains a range of fun and exciting works by contemporary Australasian composers.

    This book also includes Technical Work, sample Sight Reading and Aural Tests, and General Knowledge guidelines.

    Pop and Rock  (Category 1)
        Having Fun – Jaye Celman
        Piano Roll Rock – Glenn R. Hunter
        Slapstick – Yvonne Johnson
        Moonlit Shadows – Jaye Celman
    Blues  (Category 2)
        Tick Tock Blues – Glenn R. Hunter
        The Long Road Home – Jaye Celman
        Sneak – Ian Ladd
        Sweet ’n’ Blue – Andrew Craggs
    Boogie  (Category 3)
        Train Line Boogie – Glenn R. Hunter
        Blue Sky Boogie – Andrew Craggs
        Lucky Duck Boogie – Robert Keane
        Bogie Boogie – Jaye Celman

    Modern Pianoforte, Series 2 – Preliminary

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