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Modern Pianoforte, Series 2 – Grade Four


    ANZCAs Series 2 Grade Four Modern Pianoforte grade book contains a range of fun and exciting works by contemporary Australasian composers.

    Pop and Rock  (Category 1)
        If Only... – David Urquhart-Jones
        Twinkle Toes – Pauline Chang
        Rockboogie – Ian Ladd
    Blues  (Category 2)
        Riverboat Blues – Glenn R. Hunter
        Bouncin’ Blues – Shaun Jones
        Roggie Doggie – David Urquhart-Jones
    Boogie  (Category 3)
        Any Ol’ Time Boogie – Ian Ladd
        On the Boogie Bus – Glenn R. Hunter
    Ragtime  (Category 4)
        Debut Rag – Shaun Jones
        Ragtime Blues – Glenn R. Hunter
        The Ol’ Time Rag – Yvonne Johnson
    Latin American  (Category 5)
        Latino – Glenn R. Hunter
        Barramundi Beguine – Robert Keane
    Jazz and Popular Standards  (Category 6)
        Friday Groove – Robert Keane
        Jitter Bug Beat – Glenn R. Hunter
        Willow Wisp – Teresa Filmer

    Modern Pianoforte, Series 2 – Grade Four

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