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Classical Pianoforte, Series 2 – Preparatory


    ANZCAs Series 2 Preparatory Classical Pianoforte grade book combines a range of favourite pieces from the established repertoire with fun, appealing works by contemporary Australasian composers.

    This book also includes Technical Work, sample Sight Reading and Aural Tests, and General Knowledge guidelines.

    List A
        Canon – Fritz Spindler
        Etude in G – Louis Köhler
        Study in A Minor – Jaye Celman
        Minuetto – Alexander Reinagle
    List B
        Bagatelle in F – D. G. Türk
        Children’s Song – L. Köhler
        The Clock-Maker – A. Craggs
        Follow Me – J. Celman
    List C
        The Lost Kitten – S. Lynch
        Cuddly Koala – R. Keane
        Afternoon Snooze – A. Craggs
        The Grasshopper Jump – J. Celman

    Classical Pianoforte, Series 2 – Preparatory

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