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Dear Teachers, Students and friends of ANZCA,

Welcome to the June edition of Stretto.

Exciting News – New Premises for ANZCA Music Examinations
The Board of Directors is delighted to announce the purchase of new premises in Nunawading (Melbourne). This will be the new home for ANZCA and will include the administrative headquarters, examination rooms and a small auditorium. We will remain in our current location until the end of the year, but the new premises may be available for examining and events by September. Please find more details in Chairperson Barry Archibald's article below.

Series 1 Examinations
Theory reports for Series 1 examinations were sent by Priority Post on Tuesday this week, a day ahead of schedule. Let's hope it's not long until they appear in your letter box! Good luck to everyone who sat a theory examination.

We also wish students in Malaysia and Singapore all the best with their upcoming practical examinations. Five ANZCA examiners will be travelling to your region next week, and I'm sure they're looking forward to hearing your performances. Be confident, and try to enjoy the experience! ANZCA's focus is always to encourage you in your musical endeavours!

Welcome, Rose

As mentioned in the last issue of Stretto, Brenda Richardson will soon retire from ANZCA; her last day will be July 4th.

This week we welcomed Rose Schillaci (left), who will be taking over Brenda's position.

Fellowship Examination
The Board of Directors.has approved the application for a Fellowship Performer Diploma examination in Modern Singing from Elise Mizzi. The Fellowship examination is a public performance examination adjudicated by three examiners, including a guest examiner from outside ANZCA's examining panel. This examination will take place in Fawkner (Melbourne) on July 8th. For further details, see Forthcoming Events below.

Thanks, Abe
Abe Cytrynowski, a long-time ANZCA examiner and former Board Director, recently announced his retirement from the ANZCA examining panel. We all pass on our very best wishes and sincerely thank Abe for all his efforts over many years in promoting and supporting our organisation. Please see Abe's letter below, "To the ANZCA Board of Directors..."

Tony Betros, General Manager


News Diary

Drum Kit Fills, Volumes 1, 2 and 3

Mark Murphy's latest series of books for drum kit is now available through the Drum Books page of our online shop, for from the ANZCA office and music stores.

The Drum Kit Fills series contains three books designed to develop the ability to play fills around the drum kit. It provides an in-depth study of a variety of fills, including 8th note, 16th note, flam, triplet, 32nd note, double bass drum, linear fills and many more.

Each volume gradually increases in difficulty, with Volume 1 suiting beginners to intermediate, Volume 2 intermediate to advancing, and Volume 3 advanced drummers.

The series also includes 12 solos written to introduce fills in a realistic musical context. All 12 solos are on the ANZCA Drum Kit syllabus, covering the entire range of exams from Preliminary through to Diploma levels.

For more information on this series, visit Mark's new website and Facebook page – and keep an eye on his YouTube channel, as he posts video performances of the 12 solos.

To order Drum Kit Fills or any ANZCA publication, please visit our online store, or contact the ANZCA office or your local representative.



Forthcoming Events

Fellowship Performer Examination

Vocalist Elise Mizzi will present for her Fellowship Performer Diploma in Modern Singing in a concert performance in July. The programme will include songs by a wide variety of contemporary artists, including Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, James Brown, Bruno Mars and many more, and will also feature associate artist Matthew Pocock on guitar.

Venue: Musicland, Fawkner Music Complex, 1359 Sydney Road, Fawkner (Vic.)
Date: Sunday, July 8th, 3:00 pm
Tickets: contact the ANZCA office on 9434 7640 or email



ANZCA’s New Home

by Barry Archibald, ANZCA Chairperson

ANZCA’s Board of Directors has, for some time now, been searching for a new home for ANZCA. Once the previously owned property in Greensborough had been sold, the directors considered a number of leads, only to find each time that there were complications with legal or ownership requirements. However, on the 30th of May, Vice Chairperson Maureen Grieve and I signed the contract to purchase property in a new business estate being developed at 125 Rooks Road, Nunawading. Prior to signing the contract, General Manager Tony Betros and I visited Stage 1 of the development and agreed that Unit 18 would suit ANZCA’s needs into the future. The advantage of purchasing a property in this complex is that we can purpose-fit the building to our needs, including not only office and administrative facilities but also examining spaces, and an auditorium suitable for performances, workshops, masterclasses and more. We are delighted to announce that this space will feature a Bernstein Conservatory 178 grand piano, purchased with the assistance of Bernie Capicchiano of Bernies Music Land.

About our new piano –
The Bernstein Conservatory grand has been a popular model for schools, churches and institutes, and has been used to great acclaim at the Melba Music Festival in the Yarra Valley, in the studios of Radio 3MBS for performances and recordings, at various eisteddfods, and at selected concerts of the Team of Pianists. The piano has a rich, delicate tone and a refined touch, and its acquisition will provide performers and presenters in our auditorium with a high-quality instrument.

Our new building will enable ANZCA to conduct workshops and concerts without the need to hire other facilities, as has been the case in the past. We are excited by the possibilities that the new building opens up. It is expected that we will be able to occupy the building in August. From this time the fit-out will begin and should be completed before October. We expect to be conducting our operations from the new site from early February 2019; to move our administration earlier during peak exam period would not be realistic. The acquisition of our new building opens up many opportunities for ANZCA's future.


“To the ANZCA Board of Directors...”

I am writing to let you know of my decision to resign from ANZCA as an examiner, and a formal ANZCA member. I retired from piano teaching at the end of 2016, and have now moved to Aireys Inlet full time, and have gradually pulled out of the various work commitments that were quite significant during my working life. The time has finally come for me to opt for the quiet but rewarding life of growing vegies, taking long walks along the beach at Aireys Inlet, cooking, reading, and practising piano for the Anglesea Nursing Home and the formal recital I give at Barwon Heads every couple of years. I hope I am not making Board Members green with envy :-) 

I wanted to take a moment to register my very deep and sincere appreciation of the central role that ANZCA has played in my professional life since the early 1980s.

I was deeply honoured to be invited to join the Board of Directors as a 9th junior member when I was still rather wet behind the ears! Being involved with ANZCA gave me a platform and means to grow my own organisational and musical skills. In the early 1980s, I wrote the Modern Stream Piano syllabus, dividing contemporary music into the various genres (Blues, Ragtime, Jazz, Pop etc.). I still remember sitting at a desk on the 10th floor of Allans Music in Collins Street for two or three weeks, with trolley-loads of music being brought up by staff. Well before computers and emails, I sat there drowning under hundreds of index cards and written notes for the Allans Print Manager to "Telex" publishers in the USA to check availability of print music, and to order albums we were placing on the syllabus. Nowadays, music just feeds out of your printer the moment you click the Add to Cart button, online!

I cannot help smiling to myself at how relatively primitive the process was at that time. And also acknowledging just how much I learnt about modern music through that process! It was ANZCA that allowed me to test my abilities in this area, and it gave me an incredible shot of faith in myself, opening up the possibility in my mind, that I could actually "do stuff"!

In the 35 years or so of my connection with ANZCA, I have continued to gain so much confidence and experience, examining, proof-reading theory papers, editing Stretto and updating the Modern Pianoforte syllabus for many years, and writing From Blues to Bop and Beyond... What a wonderful institution to be aligned with – one that offered so much scope and opportunity to discover and refine one's capabilities.

For many years I conducted workshops around Australia with Samantha Coates, with whom I co-wrote the How to Blitz! General Knowledge book. Wherever we went and presented, I wore my ANZCA credentials like a badge, and it gave my presence both dimension and authority.

I would like to thank the ANZCA Board for so many years of professional support, and for providing me with the many opportunities described above. I have always felt like a bit of a family member, when it comes to ANZCA, and I will always carry that warmth with me, whenever I think of ANZCA in the future. I am sure that our paths will still cross somehow – that's the way things always seem to work out – but in formal terms, it's time for the next phase of my life. Thank you all once again.

Best wishes,
Abe Cytrynowski



From our Representatives...

Jenny Brown, New Zealand

Thank you to all those teachers who were organised enough this year to have their ANZCA practical exam entries to me by the due date, with the fees paid as well. I know it's tricky, as I have to make phone calls to remind my students' busy parents to sign the exam permission slip and pay the fees a week in advance of when really needed. However, the benefits are that no late fee needs to be paid and as happened this year, I was able to scan each entry sheet, put them in Dropbox for the office, and plan the list of possible exam centres a week earlier than has been the case in the last few years. If time runs short, your scanned entry forms attached to an email to me are quite acceptable, and this also saves postage time.

Please remember to fill in the total fees and how you are paying them. Always check the spelling of your candidates' names in the presence, as names can be spelled in so many different ways these days, one can no longer presume!

If you have changed your email lately, please pass on your new address to us so we're able to contact you and update you with the latest Stretto etc.

Remember, I'm only a text, phone call or email away... Please DO keep giving me your ANZCA publications orders, as I enjoy packing them up and sending them off to you as promptly as I can!

On Saturday June 9th, the Rotorua/Taupo Branch of the IRMTNZ held its annual eisteddfod here in Taupo, on a crisp, cold day! However, once the heaters started warming up the room, the audience and participants warmed to the special occasion, and both competitive and non-competitive pieces were played with skill and expression to convey the composers' intentions. Many participants were happy to perform their pieces to the audience and receive a positive, helpful report from the adjudicator. Others entered the Junior and Intermediate Scholarship events, in which the adjudicator chose a winner and and two runners-up, who received prizes and certificates. As well as a prize being given for the best solo performed in the Junior and Intermediate categories, there was also a class for a Composition by a New Zealand Composer. Prizes were given for first, second and third places in this class, which was sponsored by ANZCA. The photos below show the winners of the Junior NZ Composer class (left) and the Intermediate NZ Composer class (right), with me as the ANZCA NZ Representative and the adjudicator Dr Flemming Kristensen, who is Head of Music at Lindisfarne College.

Flemming, an "old boy" from Taupo school days, was the winner of the IRMT Senior Scholarship in 1995 while studying with the late Barbara Nicholls. He has a Bachelor of Music with First Class Honours, a Diploma of Teaching, and a doctorate in music. Dr Kristensen left the students and teachers with some wise advice: to remember to bring out the melody in a piece and to use the dynamics as a way of interpreting the meaning the composer had for the piece, and conveying this to the audience. An entertaining and inspiring day was spent at the eisteddfod by the 48 entrants, who gave 66 performances on piano, violin or voice.

ANZCA Series 3 Theory Exams: closing date for entries is the 30th of July.
Exam date
is Saturday, 27th of October (NOT the Labour Weekend!)

Audrey Chin, Malaysia & Singapore

The Series 1 practical exams will start in a week's time for this region, and I believe everyone is busy gearing up for them. Best wishes to all.

Below are some pictures of improvisation workshops held recently in Singapore with David Urquhart-Jones, who has retired from examining work but is still active in sharing his knowledge and experience with teachers wherever he goes for a holiday. Indeed, musicians never stop making music.



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