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Dear Teachers, Students and friends of ANZCA,

Series 1 examinations (May/June) are about to commence, and the closing date for Series 2 (August/September) is approaching on May 28th. Good luck to everyone enrolled for both Practical and Theory examinations in Series 1.

Everyone at ANZCA Music Examinations was saddened to learn of the passing of long-time ANZCA teacher and supporter Jenni Lavett from the ACT. We offer Jenni’s family our deepest condolences at this very difficult time.

Jazz Syllabus Launch
The launches in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne were very well received by teachers and students. Thank you to everyone who contacted the office with positive feedback. Both Christopher Norton and Doug McGregor reported a great response from teachers and students at each venue.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Christopher and Doug for all their efforts with the three launches. Special thanks also to ANZCA’s NSW Representative Sandra Conwell, who performed “above and beyond” in organising the very successful event in Sydney. Sandra had many challenges leading up to the launch, not the least of which was the possibility of the event being cancelled due to the bushfires in Sydney. Thankfully, it all worked out in the end.

Did you know you can download backing tracks for the Jazz Syllabus books from the ANZCA website? There are two versions of each track for every instrument – one for practice (extended version) and another for examinations. Keep an eye out as there will also be demo videos available soon! Click here for the Level 1 tracks. 

Examinations for this syllabus will commence in Series 3, 2018. If you’d like any further information about the Jazz Syllabus, please contact our office.

To celebrate the launch of the Jazz Syllabus, we’re offering a 20% discount to paid ANZCA Subscribers throughout May. See the Subscriber's Super Special box at the end of this edition for more details.

ANZCA Retirement
For those of you who regularly contact our office via telephone, you’ll be disappointed to learn that one of the friendly voices at the end will soon be retiring. For nine years Brenda Richardson has done tremendous work in office administration for our organisation and has always been approachable and keen to help teachers with their enquiries. Directors and Management wish Brenda all the very best and we look forward to welcoming Rose Schillaci to the ANZCA team in early July..

Tony Betros, General Manager


News Diary

ANZCA University Prize Winners

The University of South Australia has announced the winners of the 2017 Music Performance Excellence awards. Our congratulations go to Ethan Harris (Level 1), Lucinda Zola (Level 2) and Hannah Williams (Level 3).

For more information about all ANZCA University Prizes, click here to visit our website.

Graduation Ceremony 2018

ANZCA's 2018 Graduation Ceremony and Concert was once again a great success, with an impressively high standard of performance from our graduates and guests.

For more details, including photos and the full list of graduates, click here to go to the Graduation page of our website.


Modern Bass, Grade Two by Darryl Barron is now available. Featuring 12 original solos, this book also includes performance notes on each piece and a general knowledge glossary.

Jazz Syllabus books for Level 2 are being released, with Alto Sax and Piano now available and other instruments to follow over coming weeks. Backing tracks for this level will also be available from our website shortly.

To order any ANZCA publication, please visit our online store, or contact the ANZCA office or your local representative.



Forthcoming Events

ANZCA Annual General Meeting 2018

This year's Annual General Meeting will take place at the ANZCA office, 4/14 Yan Yean Road, Diamond Creek (Vic.), on Friday 18th of May at 10:30 am. This meeting is open to the public; please contact the office if you would like to attend, so that we can plan seating arrangements.

VMTA Events: May 2018

Student Concert Series
Bookings are now open for the next Student Concert, to be held on Saturday 26th of May at 3:00 pm at Richmond Uniting Church, 314 Church Street, Richmond. 

This event offers a friendly and supportive performance opportunity for students of VMTA members. Students of any instrument and level are welcome, including beginners. For further information, go to

Alexander Technique Workshop with Jeremy Woolhouse
This practical workshop for teachers and students of any instrument will be held at Camberwell High School on Sunday 27th of May, 10:00 am–4:30 pm. For more information, go to

MTAQ Alan Lane Memorial Workshops

The Townsville and District branch of the MTAQ will present the Alan Lane Memorial Workshops, "Soundscapes by the Sea", from the 29th of June to the 1st of July at St Patrick's College, Townsville.

ANZCA is proud to sponsor two sessions at this event:
 • The New ANZCA Syllabus, presented by Daniel McFarlane.
   Saturday 30th June, 8:30–9:30 am.
 • ANZCA Examinations, presented by Jeanine Tegg and Cynthia Delaney.
   Sunday 1st July, 2:00–3:00 pm.

For more information on the entire workshop programme, click here.

Daniel McFarlane will also present workshops in Melbourne in August, detailing his works included in the 2018–20 ANZCA syllabus. More information will be included in the next issue of Stretto and on ANZCA's Facebook page in coming weeks.




Modern Guitar Technical Work – Grade Five

A slight revision has been made to Grade Five in the latest print run of the Modern Guitar Technical Work book: the Chord/Rhythm Exercise on page 21 has been shortened to create a more even increase in difficulty between Grades Four and Six.

For those teachers and students who already have the Technical Work book, a PDF of the revised exercise can be downloaded here. Either the original version or this revision will be accepted in the exam room.

Drum Kit Technical Work – Grade Four

The 2018–20 Drum Kit syllabus included a change to the Technical Work section which teachers and students may have missed: from this year only one study is required.

This means that Grade Four Technical Work now consists of the 26 Standard (NARD) Rudiments, and one of the set studies from either the Technical Work book, Drum Kit Performance Volume 4, America's NARD Drum Solos or All-American Drummer.

Students who have prepared two studies will be given the option to perform whichever one they prefer. Please note that the Technical Work book still includes the old requirements; this will be amended in the next print run.

Singing Syllabus

As this year's significant revision of the Singing syllabus and support material is not yet complete, please continue to use the 2015–17 edition. Further information will be included in forthcoming editions of Stretto and through our Facebook page.



Composer Profile

Alan Griffiths

Melbourne-based pianist and composer Alan Griffiths released his debut album Introspection in 2016 to critical praise, Seven of the nine works on the album have been included in the 2018–20 Classical Pianoforte syllabus. Alan provided us with the following information on his background, career and works.

I was born in Malawi in 1967. In '73 my parents immigrated to New Zealand. There I had a boy soprano scholarship in the Christchurch Cathedral Choir. After attaining Grade Seven piano at the age of thirteen, I began composing for the piano.

In 1987, I moved to Melbourne and benefitted from private tuition with the late Dr Allan Zavod. Later, after scoring 25 films (including two features), I returned to composing contemporary classical music in 2015.

Introspection is my debut album. Ukrainian/Australian pianist Evgeny Ukhanov performed its 2016 world premiere in the Stuart & Sons Spring Concert Series in New South Wales. The Stuarts lent one of only six of their 102-key concert pianos to Crispe Galleries for this series.

Canberra's ANZCA Representative Giselle Roberts attended this premiere, and asked me to submit Introspection for consideration for the ANZCA syllabus. Seven out of its nine pieces were chosen and rated as either Grade Eight or Associate for the 2018–20 piano syllabus manual list.

Reverie I, II and III, Rhapsody and Fantasia, 2/3rd Fugue, A Touch of Tango and Till We Meet Again were composed in Melbourne during 1989–1997. My influences include Gershwin, Rachmaninov and Horner. As music reviewers note, my compositions: 

'move easily from one mode of expression to another seamlessly...' and are 'achieved with great skill...', and that 'Reverie I, II and III... were outstanding examples of the great compositional balance of virtuosity, simplicity, fragility and drama that Griffiths achieves in Introspection.'

For audio samples and PDF scores of the works included in the syllabus, visit Alan's website:

Acclaimed pianist Nicholas Young will perform seven new works in the 2018 world premiere of Alan's second album Rare View at Beleura House, Mornington (Vic.), on their 108-key Stuart piano. Sydney string players George Yang and Dominik Przywara will accompany Nicholas in five original chamber works.

Date: Saturday, 22nd of September, 1:30 pm.
Tickets: $45 (full), $40 (conc.) including Beleura House's acclaimed afternoon tea. Tickets will be on sale closer to September from



From our Representatives...

Jenny Brown, New Zealand

Welcome to a new ANZCA subscribing teacher: Morag Lorigan from Nightcaps in Southland, South Island.

Series 1 Theory Exams are fast approaching. The candidates' exam slips to be taken into the examination room are being mailed out now and the exam papers will soon be sent to the exam supervisors.

Most candidates will be working on practice papers now. Best wishes for a successful result for each student. Please remember to check your work carefully, especially for small details.

Series 2 Practical Exams
Exam fees have remained the same this year, with the examinations to be held in September throughout NZ. Entry closing date is the 28th of May, so please get your entries in on time teachers, as late entries incur a $15 penalty per candidate!

Try phoning students' parents to make sure of the spelling of names and that exam fees are in on time. If a candidate is doing a Performance exam, just write that in the Modern or Classical box (it doesn't matter which). However, the grade to be examined is essential, AND the instrument!

Examination centres are decided upon depending on teachers combining to make up three hours' examining time. Many teachers/parents travel with the exam candidate to the nearest centre, some of which are one or two hours away.

Let's hope we get a bumper number of entries this year, as a positive examination experience can really be an encouragement to students at all levels – and their teachers!

Happy music learning...

Audrey Chin, Malaysia & Singapore

The second quarter of the year sails in swiftly, with Series 1 Theory exams just around the corner. You will be getting the slips soon in your mailbox.

Some excitement to look forward to in this region will the 25th Kota Kinabalu Music and Dance Festival; click on the link to see the poster, or visit the website at Also, the Dalcroze International Festival will be held in the month of August.

These festivals are opportunities to learn, share, network, refresh, upgrade and make new friends, so I hope you will give yourself a break and enjoy them – and perhaps brings some friends along too!



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