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Dear Teachers, Students and friends of ANZCA,

As we prepare this penultimate edition of Stretto for 2016 we are in our busiest period for the year, processing examination reports and certificates; we're also aware that there is much to be done before the office closes on Wednesday, December 21st.

I understand the excitement and anticipation after exam day and that teachers and students are keen to receive examination results, but unfortunately the current postal service is causing delays in many areas – particularly Queensland and Western Australia. There is often a delay with the office receiving the reports back from examiners and then another delay in you receiving them from us. It is still ANZCA’s policy to post your reports and certificates on the day they are received in the office. In the "good old days" this meant you may receive them just a few days after the examination date. For this reason, we are now scanning and emailing student examination reports to you on the day we receive them. I know many of you have found this to be very helpful, and I’d like to thank you for the emails of appreciation.

Music Theory – Pathway to Grade Four
I'm delighted to inform you that the Fourth Grade theory book has now been released. This book, along with the upcoming Grades Five and Six, have been written by Dr Robert Keane, and sports a bright new cover design.

Scholarship Winners
Congratulations to all the Scholarship winners for 2016. Your hard work and commitment has paid off and you deserve this special recognition.

I'd like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the Weston family for their very generous Margaret Weston Memorial Scholarship for Queensland theory students. Margaret Weston was a wonderful teacher and a true supporter of ANZCA.

2017 Teacher Subscription
As we outlined in the previous edition of Stretto, there will be different levels of subscription from 2017. If you want to resubscribe as a Fully Registered Teacher, you will need to forward certified copies of your qualifications. Registered Teachers will be recommended by the office for inquiries from students and parents. You will find further details when the subscription form is forwarded in a few weeks.

2018 Examination Fees
You may not be aware, but ANZCA examination fees have remained unchanged for the past three years. Unfortunately, due to continued cost pressures, they will rise by 5% in all regions in 2017.

Tony Betros, General Manager


News Diary

Theory Scholarship Winners 2016
Congratulations to the following students, who won ANZCA Theory Scholarship prizes for 2016 (teachers' names in brackets).

Grade Four – Melva Lycett Memorial Scholarship, $100 per student.
  N.S.W.  Monique Murphy  (Eve Lohmann)
  Qld.  Tess Brigid Fitzpatrick  (Clare Cundall)
  S.A.  Isobel Wadsworth Pitt  (Anne Felstead)
  Vic.  Hannah Sue Velkovski  (music-a-plenty – Andrew Woodruff)
  New Zealand  Emily Grace Kneale  (Miriam du Feu)

Grade Five
  Qld.  Myles Connor Andrews  (Dr Robert Keane)  Margaret Weston Memorial Scholarship, $750
  Vic.  Hannah Price  (music-a-plenty – Michelle Marie)  ANZCA Theory Scholarship, $100 voucher
  Indonesia  Elizabeth Kezia Widjaya  (Studio Musik Sienny)  Ivor Morgan Scholarship, $100 voucher
  Malaysia  Chow Yan Teng  (Clare Chu Tai Yong)  Ivor Morgan Scholarship, $100 voucher

For information on scholarship prizes, see the Theory Scholarships page on the ANZCA website.

Teacher Workshops – Indonesia 2016
While examining in Indonesia during November, ANZCA Board Director Maureen Grieve conducted well-received teacher workshops, in Surabaya, Jogjakarta, Jakarta and Medan.

Click here to see photos from these events on our website, where you'll also find a larger version of this illustration (right), which was created by the very talented Aries of Sriwijaya Music Centre. Great work!



Forthcoming Events

IRMTNZ Conference 2017
The Christchurch branch of the Institute of Registered Music Teachers of New Zealand will host the 2017 IRMTNZ Conference from the 17th to the 21st of January 2017. To be held at College House, University of Canterbury, this event will focus on the specific musical development needs of each age group from pre-school to university level. Presenters will include Read Gainsford, Professor of Piano at Florida State University, Australian violinist and teacher Robin Wilson, and a range of well-known local music education experts.

For further information or to register, please contact Katherine Jones at, or visit .

Piano Educators Day 2017 – Bernies Music Land
Bernies Music Land's annual Piano Educators Day will be be held on the 23rd and 24th of January 2017. This popular event will this year include presentations by Angela Turner, Samantha Coates, Robert Chamberlain and representatives of various music education organisations, plus new publications and products.

A special earlybird ticket price of $59 applies until the 15th of December. For more information, go to, or phone (03) 9872 5122.



Christopher Norton Workshops:
  Invercargill, New Zealand

    by Anna Cannon, Teacher and Composer

Background Information
Most of us know Christopher Norton as a New Zealand composer who lives in England, who is well-known for his educational music publications. ANZCA teachers will know Chris through his workshops for teachers and the inclusion of his music in our syllabus. I know Chris through studying him for a year and through personal contact and emails over the past two years. My most memorable moment with Chris was when he was speaking at Dunedin several years ago and he gave us permission to "find" our "own voice". This brief comment helped me find a new clarity and purpose, something I am forever grateful for.

After studying Chris Norton's life and works for a year, I wanted my students and the teachers in my community to meet Chris and be inspired by his teaching. After a brief email with ANZCA it was suddenly all on: I was responsible for organizing Christopher Norton's Invercargill Workshops. From the very first phone call I made to a local teacher and the emails, Facebook and conversations that followed, I found plenty of enthusiasm and a willingness to support the workshops.

Invercargill Workshops

Chris and Wendy Norton arrived in Invercargill for a masterclass, improvisation and teachers' workshop. The workshops were held a Lindisfarne Community and lasted all afternoon. Around 40 local students and teachers gathered to hear Chris speak and teach.

A group of six students volunteered to work with Chris at the improvisation workshop, which was well attended by both teachers and students. Chris explained how one small idea could lead to another and he introduced repetition and variation using a small number of notes. Each child started with one note and built from there. Chris was in good spirits all day, despite having travelled a long way to get here. Invercargill is at the end of the South Island and is a two and a half hour journey from Dunedin, the next largest city to the north. Wendy was impressed by our beautiful scenery, and Chris teased us about our southern accents (rolled rrrs).

By the end of the session, there were smiles all around at their success at improvising. There were many faces listening attentively to Chris as he explained how to make a melody out of very few notes. Some adults were furiously taking notes. In the end, all students were able to create an interesting improvisational melody. Bravo!

Three adults and three children presented pieces from Norton's Connections series for piano. The pieces ranged from grade one to grade six. Chris gave his undivided attention to each student and demonstrated how to improve their technique, phrasing and execution. Chris had a great sense of humour when working with the students and often just said "stop doing that" followed by "do it like this" with a demonstration. The audience were in fits of laughter at times, and Chris made sure to build up and encourage the students about their fine improvements. The feedback from the workshops has been positive and encouraging, with students and teachers feeling more motivated to tackle Norton's compositions and to engage in improvisation on a regular basis.

A teacher workshop completed the afternoon. Seven teachers stayed to listen to Chris speak about his life and work. Teachers had the opportunity to ask questions and gain insight into the composer, his works and life.

I am very grateful for the sponsorship of ANZCA and Hal Leonard to run this workshop. The level of engagement has been high and the feedback enthusiastic. Maybe next time we will also have a Piano Festival!



From our Representatives...

Jenny Brown, New Zealand

Most New Zealand teachers are having end-of-year break-ups, involving a performance segment followed by shared food. This is always an important part of the year to cement friendships of the year and pass on best wishes to students who are leaving the school to pursue their careers in other parts of the country. Please remember, teachers, that without your dedication and sheer hard work, many of these music students would not have achieved their positive results. Their own hard work and life experiences make up the rest of the result they achieved.

Email:   Phone: (07) 378 4068 or (027) 253 4003.

Audrey Chin, Malaysia & Singapore

The last quarter of 2016 in Malaysia and Singapore saw a busy three weeks of examinations, with Dr Kerry Vann and Mrs Maureen Milton OAM travelling quite extensively to various cities and centres in this region. Despite the heavy examination schedules, they also had the opportunity to meet with teachers and further update and advise on various examination areas in which we can continue to improve for the good of all. Such exchanges are vital for progress because music exams are not just about certificates; we should see these as education processes where skills and knowledge must grow over time.

I would like to highlight the importance of the General Knowledge component of the examination. While we did see some positive progress in candidates' ability to answer these questions well, research and understanding can be further encouraged and improved in this area. If one has a thorough knowledge of the background and analysis of the composition, it will reflect in the performance.

Independent learning and critical thinking should be in every teacher's teaching agenda. The culture of spoon-feeding and learning just to pass should not be encouraged. Conformity is easier than transformation, but it is possible if teachers have the courage to change for the better.

The latest publication that we have been looking forward to is the new Music Theory – Pathway to Grade Four. Do check it out and contact me for more information at or Whatsapp at 60128285111.



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