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Dear Teachers, Students and friends of ANZCA,

ANZCA's New Patron!
ANZCA's Board of Directors is delighted to announce June McLean as Patron of ANZCA Music Examinations. The current Board feels this important recognition is warranted because of June's significant contribution for over 30 years in establishing and maintaining ANZCA as a contemporary and innovative music examination organisation. Please see the article below from ANZCA Chairperson, Barry Archibald.

Series 1 Theory Results
Theory results have almost been completed and will be posted to teachers on Wednesday, June 14th (as advertised in the 2017 Handbook). Good luck to everyone who sat an examination. Do keep in mind also that the closing date for the Series 3 Practical and Theory examinations is July 31st. I should also remind you that the date for the second theory examination has returned to October and in 2017, this will be on Wednesday, October 18th.

Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference
ANZCA is again sponsoring the Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference, which is being held at the University of Adelaide from July 10th to 14th. I'm sure it will be a fully immersive and highly educational experience, with presentations from: Prof. Robert Duke, Prof. Thomas Hecht, Assoc. Prof. Nicholas Mathew, Dr. Anna Goldsworthy, Eric Baumgartner, Lisa Bastien, Christopher Norton and many others. More details can be found at and to register, head to 

Jazz Syllabus and Christopher Norton
Christopher Norton will make a presentation on ANZCA's new Jazz Syllabus at the APP Conference, and will also conduct just two workshops during this Australian visit. One is to be held at Bernies Music Land on July 10th (see "Forthcoming Events" below for details), and the other will be in Adelaide on July 8th. For more details on the Adelaide workshop, please contact the office.

The release of the ANZCA Jazz Syllabus has unfortunately been delayed, due to a number of factors beyond our control. Do keep an eye out for the release of these exciting new books for Wind and Brass, and also for introductory workshops later in the year.

A little ANZCA history...
Those of you long associated with ANZCA may remember many of faces in this photo of the ANZCA Board of Directors, circa 1990. Thanks to June McLean for this slice of ANZCA history!

Rear: Tony Smith, Abe Cytrynowski, Ivor Morgan, Jack Varney.
Front: Yvonne Lawn, June McLean, Nancye Woodford.

Tony Betros,
 General Manager


News Diary

June McLean: ANZCA’s New Patron

At the Annual General Meeting of ANZCA's Board of Directors in May, directors were unanimous in their decision to offer the position of Patron to June McLean, in recognition of her long-term leadership, commitment to advancing ANZCA's interests in Australia and elsewhere, and the dedicated service she gave to the organisation as one of its founding directors. The Board of Directors is delighted that June has accepted the offer, being only the second person to have been proposed for the position (after ANZCA's first president, the late William Lock). The offer is inclusive of Life Membership of ANZCA.

As Patron, June will be named on all stationery, official documents and the website, and in syllabuses and handbooks. In this figurehead role she will help to raise the public profile of ANZCA through speaking and/or attendance at official ANZCA functions.

The Board of Directors is appreciative that June has agreed to continue her connection with ANZCA in this professional capacity. June is well known to many across numerous fields of music education. A luncheon with June and the Directors will be planned for the near future to celebrate her new status with ANZCA.

There will be many in the "ANZCA family" who will applaud the Board's decision to acknowledge June's service in this way. It is fitting that June becomes ANZCA's second Patron, as she was a director when Bill Lock was appointed as the first in that position. June will be able to advance ANZCA's work as its new figurehead, lending her name to the organisation, adding to the standing of our examination system. Congratulations, June!

Barry Archibald,
Chairperson, ANZCA Limited.



Forthcoming Events

Christopher Norton Workshop in Melbourne

Leading educator, composer and author Christopher Norton returns to Melbourne in July for an exciting workshop featuring some of his latest works.

The event programme will include:
  • The Jazz Piano Sonata
  • The Suites for Two Pianos
  • A hands-on improvisation session for teachers
  • ANZCA's new Jazz Syllabus

When:  Monday 10th of July, 10:00am–1:00pm.

Where: Bernies Music Land, 381 Canterbury Road, Ringwood Vic. 3134.

Tickets: $39.  Available now through TryBooking:

Special Offer:  Book now to receive a free Etudes book from Christopher Norton's American Popular Piano series AND a free ANZCA Series 2 Modern Pianoforte examination grade book!

More information: contact Tony Betros – email or ph. (03) 9434 7640.


Guest Feature:

World War I in 9 Rock Songs!

by Robert Keane

I have had quite a few commissions to write music during my career, but never one like this. Our school, St Joseph's Nudgee College in Brisbane, got a grant from the Queensland Government for the Centenary of World War I, to be spent on providing a 30-minute performance piece for our Rock Band #1, an 11-piece group, with brass players as well as the usual singers, guitars, bass, drums and keyboard.

Each year for the last 20 years or so, Rock Band #1 has staged a one-week tour to schools in outback Queensland, or, occasionally, northern New South Wales, to promote the College's identity in these rural communities, from which many of our boarding students come.

Auditions for places in this and another four rock bands are hotly contested at the start of each school year, and only the very best players make it to the #1 Band. They normally take a program of well-known Rock songs, and they play to very enthusiastic high school students, generally twice a day, in assembly stations, halls and other venues. The boys return from this tour with much more poise and maturity, and it is clearly an experience they love.

And so it fell to me, as the school's resident composer, to write the songs – both words and music – and the linking narrative. My brief was indeed brief: tell the story of World War I, as seen through the eyes of two Queensland soldiers, one of whom does not make it back home, in nine rock songs.

Fortunately, some years ago, I undertook extensive research on World War I, at the State Library of Queensland, the John Oxley Library, the Australian War Memorial in Canberra and a few other museums, including the excellent Historical Museum in Maryborough. This was a project I was proposing for the ANZAC Centenary, but I was unsuccessful in gaining funding.

Why nine songs, and not 10 or eight? I don't know; maybe it was just an arbitrary number, but I decided to try to divide the history of WWI into nine probable areas:
  1. Enlistment in Australia
  2. Egypt – SAND!
  3. Gallipoli
  4. Western front, France
  5. Leave, UK
  6. Western front, France – MUD!
  7. Beersheba, Palestine
  8. Jerusalem, 25/12/1917
  9. Australia, 1918–1919

I then decided on possible/probable keys for the songs, to give them both coherence and contrast, treating the whole thing as a sort of suite. Most of the keys are minor, which suits both the subject matter and the rock style, but there is one major key, and a couple of key changes.

The actual composition occupied me over the Christmas holidays and during the whole of Term 1, with every non-teaching moment and some weekends finding me earnestly bent over the Sibelius music software on my school computer. Composition is a cumulative art, so as each song was completed, the next became easier, with motives and structures beginning to emerge. I have written hundreds of songs in my career, so writing the words was not an issue, and I found myself continuing to work on them, subconsciously, while relaxing at home and even before sleep.

By the end of March they were done, and I started to sort out the parts, something the software does very easily – though it was wise to check for errors. Machines are NOT perfect! Then printing out all the scores and parts – a whole ream of paper was needed. Then some physical editing – on-screen editing is frequently flawed; I find the red pencil much more effective. Then some more printing, sorting of pages, and getting parts into folders for each band member. Then a name for the project and a logo.

I settled on the name ANZAC Rocks!, and a friend, who is a graphic artist, produced a wonderful bronze, black and red logo. At this juncture, I was reminded that it is necessary to seek permission from the Department of Veterans' Affairs for the use of the word ANZAC (the Act was passed in 1920 to prevent commercial exploitation). We even had to seek permission from the Australian Army for the part of the logo which featured a fan of bronze guitars, looking a little like the Rising Sun badge. Ultimately this design was rejected, and the logo was redesigned to suggest poppies instead (left).

Now the 11-piece Rock Band ensemble has to learn the songs, and they have 2½ terms to do that, before they head out west to play to other high school students. I find it appropriate and interesting that young men, not much younger than most of the WWI ANZACs, will be passing on this powerful story to other young people – a big change from the normal situation of older people passing on our history to the younger generations.



From our Representatives...

Jenny Brown, New Zealand

My grateful thanks to all those teachers with practical exam entries who got them to me early or by the 15fh of May! It certainly was helpful to have all the details and payments on time, so that I can begin the sorting process, organising centres etc.

Please DO check your candidates' names on the checklist sheets as you receive them in the mail. If there are any errors, please let the office or me know ASAP so that when certificates are printed, the details will be correct.

Welcome to ANZCA to the following teachers.
We hope you'll enjoy using the ANZCA examination system for a long time.
  • Vivienne Wairepo from Ohaupo, Hamilton
  • Melanie Sheehan from Devonport, Auckland
  • Margaret Carryer from Tauranga
  • Emma Falconer from Tauranga
  • Nina Peck from Palmerston North
  • Kathleen Walsh from Opotiki
  • Adele Coombs from Geraldine
  • Dr Ahila James from Dunedin
... and welcome back to:
  • Sarah Galvin from Otematata, North Otago
  • Penny Martin from Dunedin.

As winter is definitely here with all the frosts, rain and cold weather it entails, please keep ward and cosy as you teach your music students.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any queries, ANZCA book orders, or worries you may have. I'm here to help you, or to pass on your queries to someone else who can help.

Kind regards to you all.

Audrey Chin, Malaysia & Singapore

Series 1 practical exams will start in about four weeks in this region. We will also celebrate the Ramadan Festival at the end of June and traditionally it is a month-long celebration. So with all the yummy food in mind, we may consider the importance of technical work and how crucial it is to be thorough in order to gain the facilities in executing a good and effortless-looking performance. I am sure you will agree with me that even with the perfect recipe and all the right measures of ingredients, it still takes good cooking technique to whip up the to-die-for dish. I hope this will set our minds to think beyond exams.

There will be Meet and Greet Workshops with Mark Murphy in Singapore and Seremban this July, so do share this good news. Click on each link for a poster with the details.

Also happening in July will be the 11th KK Jazz Festival, on the 21st and 22nd of July. Details are bing updated at .

The 24th Kota Kinabalu Music Festival is set for the 1st and 2nd of September. Check out the details at .

For those who missed out on the early bird sign-up for the 2017 Dalcroze Conference in Kuala Lumpur this August 14th–17th, you may still do so by emailing .



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