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Dear Teachers,
Where is the year going? I'm sure many of you would agree that time seems to be moving faster and faster. Is it because we're all so busy these days?

ACT Conference 2016
We were hoping to have the program finalised by now for the Conference in early October. It is very close now and the list of presenters we've accumulated is fantastic! It is going to be a wonderful weekend with presentations on a wide variety of topics from the very best Australian and overseas musicians and educators. Take a look here.

A very special invitation to our teachers in New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand: we're hoping to see many of you also! We'd love to welcome you and this could be a great opportunity to stay for a holiday and see more of our beautiful country!

Teacher Registration
The Board of Directors is pleased to announce a revision of teacher subscriptions and from 2017, a number of different categories will be available. Teachers can now apply to be a Registered Teacher or a Subscribing Teacher. (Please remember, you do not have to belong to either category to be able to enter students for examinations.)

Registered Teacher Categories
Registered Teachers
would be recommended by the office as qualified teachers for inquiries from students.

• Current teaching experience.
• Minimum certificated music qualifications, e.g. Diploma, TAFE Music Certificate, University qualifications, etc.
• Certified copies required.

• Proof of teaching experience, e.g. student examination results, letter from a school principal (govt. or private).
• Retired teachers wanting to stay connected to ANZCA.
• Holding registration with another music body.

Subscribing Teacher Categories
• Subscribers without verified qualifications or teaching experience.

• Undergraduate registration at a college or university, or undertaking ANZCA qualifications (e.g. Grade Seven or Eight).

Previous Editions of Stretto
Missed an issue of Stretto? Previous editions of our e-newsletter (starting from February 2016) are available on the Stretto page of our website (under "Support" in the menu bar). 

Tony Betros – General Manager

Guest Feature
Dangerous Reading

By Dr Robert Keane

Pianists beware! Reading can be bad for you. Reading words, that is, not music.

On the Easter weekend, I read four textbooks I had saved up at school, and I enjoyed reading throughout Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday, with appropriate breaks.

However, I did not realise that my right elbow was positioned in the same place on the arm of my chair and was causing me harm. No indication of this harm was evident till several days later when I felt a small, tingling sensation on the inside of my fourth finger, right hand. Dismissing this as a result of brushing some stinging plant or insect – both of these had happened before – I paid no attention until, a day later, the tingling had spread down my fourth finger and into the fifth, then down to the wrist.

At this juncture I sought aid from chiropractic and physiotherapy, but, despite several treatments including therapeutic massage, nothing made any difference – except to my bank balance.

Click here to continue reading this article on our website.


Forthcoming Events...

Fellowship Performer Concert
A reminder to all readers that the public Fellowship Performer Diploma (F.Dip.A.) examination concert of guitarist Brendan Hains will be held on Sunday 19th of June at 2:00pm. Full details and tickets are available here.

Team of Pianists at Rippon Lea
Concert 3 in the "Twilight Chamber Music at Rippon Lea", Songs Without Words, will be held on Sunday 19th of June at 6:30pm at the historic Rippon Lea estate in Elsternwick (Vic.). Pianist Robert Chamberlain will be joined by sisters Marina Marsden (violin) and Justine Marsden (viola) of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra for a programme inspired by Mendelssohn and featuring works by a range of composers. For more details or to book, visit the Team of Pianists website.


Theory Results – Series 1
Results and certificates for the Series 1 (May) Theory exams will be posted on Wednesday, 15th of June (i.e. next Wednesday).

Exam Entry Checklists
Checklists for Series 2 Practical exams are now being sent to teachers. Please check all details on this list, including students' names, instruments and grades, and inform the office or your Representative of any changes as soon as possible. This is also a good opportunity to re-check student availability, and notify the office of any last-minute dates to avoid.

Checklists for Series 2 Theory entries will be posted shortly after the closing date (01/08/2016).

From our Representatives...

Jenny Brown, New Zealand

Thanks to the many New Zealand teachers who have entered their students into the Series 2 ANZCA practical examinations. (Thanks too for all the exam fees, many of which were paid online very efficiently.) No doubt you all, like me, are busy teaching and leading your candidates so that they will be confident when September arrives. The set examination centres will be very similar to last year; you'll be informed by the office of the actual centre when you receive your entry slips. Your entry checklists will arrive soon; please check spelling of names etc. and let me or the office know immediately if a change is needed. As to the actual exam dates for your centres, I pass this information on to you as soon as I receive it (around four weeks before the first exams). SO, be ready for the beginning of September and all will be well!

The Series 2 theory exam entries are due in to me by July 27th. The actual exam date is Saturday September 10th, which may be close to the candidate's practical exam. Please make sure that students are available to sit their exam on that date and don't have other commitments!

Great excitement abounds in the Rotorua/Taupo area, as we're having the IRMT NZ Rotorua/Taupo branch Eisteddfod on this Saturday, June 11th. It will be a full day of musical performances, with a past Taupo student, Kate Webber, as the now highly-qualified adjudicator. ANZCA is sponsoring the prizes for the NZ Composer section for Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels. Although most of the events are non-competitive, there are the Junior and Intermediate Nell Trail Scholarships which are contested. They are timed performances of a high standard, are are very special for the performer and audience. As it is the first time the Eisteddfod has been held in Taupo (in over ten years of operation), we are hoping for local support from our audience.

Audrey Chin, Malaysia & Singapore

Malaysia and Singapore students will be enjoying the mid-year school break, and surely those who have signed up for Series 1 exams will be wisely using the holidays to read up on their general knowledge and getting their repertoires ready with loads of practice.

The Series 1 practical exams will start on the 22nd of June in this region. The examiners visiting us this session are Dr Kerry Vann, Ms May Gavin and Mr Mark Murphy.

Today's teachers have been very challenged to build up their own skills and knowledge in the wide repertoire and variety of genres offered by ANZCA. There are still many old schools who refuse to move forward due to lack of confidence and exposure, but it is no excuse – with the technology and media network now available, one has so many options to upgrade.

It is very important to impose the good values and standards of music education at all times, and to do this we must progress with openness to becoming better as we grow.

For more about ANZCA in this region, do whatsapp me at 60128285111.

Sinta Wiriawaty Mawardi, Indonesia

I would just like to remind teachers that entries are now open for Series 2 examinations; the closing date is July 20th.

Please remember also that, since January 2016, all exam entries must be submitted by email only (no paper/manual registration) to .

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