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Dear Teachers, Students and friends of ANZCA,

To everyone in Queensland affected by Cyclone Debbie and the resulting floods, we hope you made it through without serious damage. It looked a frightening event, and I'm sure for many it's still an ongoing concern. If this situation has caused any problems with deadlines or examination preparation, we are more than happy to assist you in any way we can.

Happy Easter!
I hope the Easter break provides the opportunity for everyone to recharge and enjoy quality time with family and friends. The year is rushing by, and I'm sure the chance to relax and reflect will be welcomed by us all.

Graduation Ceremony and Concert
I would like to sincerely thank everyone involved in the preparation and presentation of this event, which many described as "outstanding".

There were so many highlights:
  • The inspiring presentation from keynote speaker Professor Kenneth Lampl, Acting Head of Music at the Australian National University School of Music (Canberra). I am sure his words will motivate those students and teachers who were present for years to come.
  • The brilliant performances by eight graduates (including four who travelled from Surabaya, Indonesia with their teacher Sienny Debora).
  • The haunting performance of Nikki, the ANZCA Scholarship-winning work for composition at Monash University by Lily Tait.
For more information, a full list of Graduates and photos from the ceremony, go to the Graduation page of our website.

2017 Graduates (L–R): Brendan Hains F.Dip.A., Nadia Gibaldi A.Dip.A., Aurelia Handoko A.Dip.A.(Hons.),
Andre Perera A.Dip.A., Joshua Van Der End A.Dip.A., Sarah Velkovski A.Dip.A.(Hons.),
Seraphine Angelina L.Dip.A., Melissa Catherine L.Dip.A., Gabriella Handoko L.Dip.A.(Hons.)

Jazz Syllabus Launch
ANZCA Music Examinations has finalised an agreement with global music publisher Boosey & Hawkes, which clears the way for ANZCA's new Jazz Syllabus with 80 original pieces written by internationally-recognised composer and educator Christopher Norton. ANZCA Board Director Doug McGregor has been involved with the planning of this syllabus from the start, and will prepare performance guidelines for students throughout each of the five levels. We are expecting the Jazz Syllabus books for wind and brass to be available in July. (Christopher Norton will launch the Jazz Syllabus at the Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference in Adelaide in July.)

Syllabus Updates
We invite teachers of all instruments to submit repertoire suggestions for the 2018–20 syllabuses. Please email these to .

ANZCA Performers Competition
The inaugural ANZCA Founders (Nancye Woodford and June McLean) Performers Competition has been delayed until early 2018.

Tony Betros, General Manager


News Diary

I Play Ukulele Book 2

The second book in ANZCA's I Play Ukulele series by Rafayard and John Murray will be available shortly. This new volume continues to develop both solo and accompanying styles, with more advanced rhythm patterns and melodic techniques. Book 2 also includes a range of ensemble pieces which may be used for group examinations and performances.

An appendix lists all the requirements for the Level 2 Ukulele exam, and there are dedicated chapters containing fully-notated Technical Work, and Sight Reading and Aural specimen tests. As in Book 1, an accompanying CD by John Murray both guide performances and backing tracks for all the pieces and exercises in the book.

I Play Ukulele Book 2 can be pre-ordered now from the ANZCA office or through our website.

Vale Pamela Reynolds (1932–2017)

Renowned blind soprano Pamela Reynolds (pictured here) passed away peacefully on the 6th of February with her family in New Zealand. Blind from birth, Pamela was a popular performer in her native country before moving to Australia in the 1980s. In Melbourne she became well known for her fundraising performances and other activities, particularly in support of research at the Alfred Hospital.

Thanks to Pamela's accompanist Kenneth Briggs for the photo and information. For a detailed obituary, click here.



Forthcoming Events

ANZCA Annual General Meeting 2017

The 2017 ANZCA Annual General Meeting will be held at the ANZCA office, 4/14 Yan Yean Road, Diamond Creek on Friday, 5th of May at 10:30 am.

This meeting is open to the public. To help us prepare seating and catering; please notify the office by phone (9434 7640) or email ( if you would like to attend.

VMTA Student Concert Series 2017

The first in the Victorian Music Teachers' Association's 2017 Student Concert Series will be held at the Richmond Uniting Church on the 30th of April, 2–4 pm. This and the other concerts in this series are open to all students of VMTA members.

For more information or to book go to: .

MTAQ Composer's Competition

The Music Teachers' Association of Queensland's Composer's Competition will be held on Sunday 21st of May at Robina Community Centre, Open to national and international composers of all ages (even the very young), entrants will be invited to perform their works, or to provide recordings.

Entries close in two weeks; click here for more information.

MTANSW Personal Development Session

The Music Teachers' Association of New South Wales and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music Open Academy will present a personal development session for teachers on Sunday 28th of May, 2–5 pm.

Professor Richard Cohn, Battell Professor of the Theory of Music at Yale University and Visiting Professor, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, will present "Meter Revolution: Rebuilding Your Concept of Metre", a workshop exploring the latest approaches to understanding and teaching meter.

For more information, click here to view a PDF information sheet.

Mackay Eisteddfod 2017

Entries for the 2017 Mackay Eisteddfod will open in the coming days. This year, all entries will be online; the organisers are currently finalising the forms and programmes, so keep an eye on over the coming days.

This year, ANZCA is delighted to have three works from our pianoforte grade books included as set works in Pianoforte Solo sections: Down Mexico Way (by Jaye Celman) for 6 years and under, Hello Sailor! (Robert Keane) for 8 years and under, and Luna (Andrew Craggs) for 10 years and under. These pieces will all be available as single sheets from Yamaha Music Mackay, 1/2 Chain Street, Mackay. 




Series 1 Exams

As the Series 1 examinations approach, here are a few points to keep in mind for teachers, students and parents.

Practical Exams

  • Be sure that the back of the student's entry slip is filled out with the title of the work, composer, and (where applicable) the name of the album.

  • For Grade 8 and Diploma candidates, a list of the pieces to be performed must be submitted to the office. If you have not included this with the entry, please send us the details as soon as possible.

  • Aim to arrive at the exam centre at least 15 minutes before the exam time.

  • It is expected that students who are using backing tracks will bring their own playback equipment to the exam. This is the only way to ensure that a) you will have the equipment you need, and b) that you will be familiar with how to use it. (It is often unsettling when unfamiliar equipment doesn't work as you expect it to.)

  • For Queensland teachers, please be sure that you have submitted the LUI number and date of birth for any QCE-level students.

Written Exams

  • Aim to arrive around 15 minutes before the exam time.

  • BUT – Don't panic if you are a little late: students will be admitted to the exam room up to 30 minutes after the commencement time.

  • It is fine to use pencil for written exams – there is no need to "go over it"' in pen!

  • Students should take a couple of pencils, an eraser, a sharpener and perhaps a ruler into the exam room.

  • There is no need to take "working out" paper or manuscript; this is included with the exam paper, and extra sheets are available from the supervisor if needed.

  • Parents and carers should be ready to collect students earlier than the set finishing time for the grade. Especially the low levels, students very often finish early, and supervisors cannot be responsible for students waiting to be collected outside the exam room.

  • As for practical exams, Queensland teachers should ensure that the LUI and DOB information has been included with their students' entries where applicable.

  • Teachers of students eligible for Grade Four and Five scholarships should also be sure that they have included each candidate's date of birth.

Series 2 Closing Date

Just a reminder that the closing date for Series 2 (August/September) examinations is the 15th of May.



From our Representatives...

Jenny Brown, New Zealand

Another busy teaching year is well underway, and as you decide which of your students will sit a practical exam in September, PLEASE keep our slower postage system in mind! For your exam entries to reach me by the 15th of May, you'll need to mail them at least a week earlier, and please include your payment by cheque (made out to ANZCA) or by bank transfer (with your surname as reference) to cover the fees.

Also of great help are the dates you write on the entry form when students CAN'T be examined (due to special sports fixtures, holidays etc.). The office staff try very hard to avoid these dates, to make each candidate's exam a positive experience.

If time slips by and you're too late for the mail to reach me in time, please scan each side of the entry form and email it to me, plus make a bank transfer payment, to reach me by the due date. When entries are in on time, all the necessary details such as examination venues, examiners' schedules, teacher notification etc. can be done without a last-minute rush, which is preferable to all concerned. We are so fortunate to have caring office staff and examiners, but apart from last-minute emergencies, let's not try their patience too much!

Each examination series there are one or two teachers having to pay a late entry fee of $15 for each candidate. Please don't let that teacher be you!

If you know of any teacher who doesn't have an email address, please let me know so that I can mail them a copy of our Stretto newsletter. In this way we can ALL keep up with ANZCA news, and the Subscribers' Specials as well!

Teacher Subscription
Thanks to the teachers who have sent in their ANZCA Teacher Subscription forms and filled them out carefully. If you haven't yet renewed your subscription to ANZCA, please check out your blue 2017 Examination Handbook and Information book for the salmon-coloured form to fill out. These need to be sent to me with a payment of $65 by cheque or bank transfer. As a subscribing teacher* you'll receive a card and certificate, discounts on ANZCA publications (see each Stretto online) and workshops, and teachers in the Full Registration and Associate Registration categories will be recommended to students and parents.

[*Please be aware that ANZCA subscription is purely optional. You do not need to be a subscribing teacher to enter students for ANZCA examinations. – Ed.]

Teacher Feedback
I do appreciate hearing the views, queries and news of ANZCA teachers. As a "musical family", it's important that your views are heard, valued and acted upon, and your queries passed on to the right folk to be actioned. I'm especially pleased that many of you are doing just that, and that I'm able to give some small support to you when possible and suitable. In this fast-moving world with many natural disasters in NZ (earthquakes, floods etc.), it's our compassion that joins us and can lift us up.

Kind regards to you all.

Audrey Chin, Malaysia & Singapore

Indeed, we have moved on to the second quarter of 2017 and Easter is just around the corner, and I would like to wish everyone who celebrates a Happy Easter and a meaningful time with family and friends.

Notice of the coming Series 1 Theory exams and the yellow slips will be in your email soon, so please take note if you have signed up your students.

There have been great reviews and feedback from teachers around this region with regard to the theory syllabus and workbooks. The Pathway to... books are comprehensive and properly laid out, covering all the fundamentals of theory. Kudos to Mrs June McLean and Dr Robert Keane, who wrote these wonderful books.

Here I would like to remind all that the practical syllabuses are not confined to just ANZCA publications: there are so many choices in the manual list, and the Free Choice element is a great advantage in encouraging students to look and explore other compositions. However, teachers must make sure that these fall within the standards required.

Again, I cannot help emphasising the importance of preparing well for the General Knowledge component. One may choose to just memorise the answers, but we should encourage understanding and application, as it is more effective this way. I can go on about Technical Work, Aural Tests... but I will do it another time. Nevertheless, please email me if you have any thoughts or suggestions on how music exams can be more effective and relevant in today's context.

Have a blessed Easter.



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