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Dear Teachers, Students and friends of ANZCA,

2018 Margaret Weston Memorial Scholarship Winner
ANZCA is delighted to announce that Queensland student Gabriel Field is the 2018 winner of our top Grade Five Theory award. Gabriel is a student of ANZCA examiner and teacher Caryn Eastman. This very generous prize of $1,000 is awarded to the student receiving the highest mark in Grade Five theory, and is offered to all Australian students, 19 years of age or younger.

ANZCA's Board of Directors sincerely thanks Arthur Weston and the Weston family for this wonderful opportunity. This scholarship offers a real incentive for young students to excel in the subject of music theory. Margaret Weston was a tremendous teacher and a great supporter of ANZCA Music Examinations.

For the full list of 2018 Theory Scholarship winners, see News Diary below.

Thank You Doug McGregor
ANZCA Director Doug McGregor recently announced his resignation from the Board, and the planned meeting on December 14th will be his last. Doug has been a significant contributor in many areas over the last seven years, most importantly as the instigator of ANZCA's Jazz Syllabus. I remember Doug planted the seed with Christopher Norton at the ANZCA Conference in Rotorua in 2014, and things have really blossomed from there. ANZCA now has a world-class Jazz Syllabus, thanks to the efforts of Doug and Chris.

On behalf of Barry Archibald and the ANZCA Board Directors, sincere thanks for all your efforts Doug, and very best wishes for the future.

ANZCA’s New Premises
Unfortunately, finalisation of our new building has been slowed by council red tape! We are now hoping to be in by March 2019.

ANZCA new postal address will be PO Box 3277, Nunawading Business Hub  Vic.  3131.
The street address for the office is 18/125 Rooks Road, Nunawading  Vic.  3131. 
For now, it is best to keep using the "old" (Greensborough) postal address.

Our phone number will remain unchanged: (03) 9434 7640.

Thank You
On behalf of ANZCA's Board of Directors, I'd like to sincerely thank you for supporting ANZCA Music Examinations throughout 2018. I realise that trusting your students to an examination board is not an easy decision, with many options now available. ANZCA's strong focus is to be an encouraging organisation for your students, particularly on exam day. We understand that students need faith and courage to put themselves in front of a stranger for a musical assessment. We want them to feel encouraged through every step of the examination process.

I always welcome your feedback at my direct email address,

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family all the very best for Christmas and the New Year ahead.

Tony Betros, General Manager



News Diary

Examination Handbook and Information 2019

The 2019 ANZCA Examination Handbook and Information will be posted to all subscribers and active teachers over the coming days.

This book contains contact details, representative and examiner lists, examination regulations and fees lists, closing dates and more. Also included are subscription and exam entry forms, and a publications order form.

The PDF version of this book is available now from the Australia, New Zealand and Asia Regions pages on our website.

Office Closing Dates

The ANZCA office will close for the Christmas-New Year break on Friday, 21st of December, and reopen on Thursday 17th of January 2019.

Theory Scholarship Winners 2018

Congratulations to the following students, who won ANZCA Theory Scholarships for Grades Four and Five in 2018. Teachers' names are in brackets.

Grade Four:
Qld.:  Emma Frylink  (Jessica Efimov)
S.A.:  Meesha Jillene Whittam  (Anne G. Felstead)
Vic.:  Gian Cannizzaro  (Catherine Gray)
W.A.:  Brodey John Alers  (Sue C. Lewis)
New Zealand:  Grace Williams  (Rosemary O'Hara)
Malaysia:  Claudia Seah Chyong Yi  (Clare Chu Tai Yong)
Singapore:  Joshua Ho  (My Drum School)
Indonesia:  Khairah Michiko Dyah Widjaya  (Studio Musik Sienny)
Thailand:  Modhana Ponza  (Christakunanukul Church)

Grade Five:
A.C.T.:  Matthew Stephen Cawley  (Giselle Roberts)
Qld.:  Gabriel Eduardo Ernesto Field (Caryn Eastman), Margaret Weston Memorial Scholarship
Malaysia:  Chua Pueh Koon  (Clare Chu Tai Yong)
Indonesia:  Pauline Raharja  (Studio Musik Sienny)

For details of all ANZCA Theory Scholarships, see the Scholarships page of our website.

Theory of Music – Worked Papers 2018
  – Now Available

The 2018 edition of the Worked Papers books is now available. This book includes answers for the May and October 2018 theory papers, from Preliminary to Grade Six. Click here to order online from our website, or contact our office or music stores.

Please note that the 2008 edition has now been discontinued.



Forthcoming Events

ANZCA at the Piano Educators Day 2019

When: Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd of January, 2019.
Where: Bernies Music Land, 381 Canterbury Road, Ringwood (Vic.)

ANZCA is proud to once again participate in the annual Piano Educators Day at Bernies Music Land. This event is a great chance for teachers to be immersed in exciting ideas and tips for the year ahead, plus to hear the latest news from ANZCA and say hello to members of our team.

Bernies is offering ANZCA teachers $10 off the ticket price (even valid on the earlybird special before the 15th of December), by using the discount code "ANZCA" when booking online at, or by phone on 9872 5122.

ANZCA Graduation Ceremony and Concert 2019

A reminder that the 2019 ANZCA Graduation Ceremony will be held on Saturday 2nd of March, at the Methodist Ladies' College, Barkers Road, Kew (Vic.).

More information and a full list of graduands will be published in the February edition of Stretto.

Team of Pianists’ 2019 Season Announced

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the Team of Pianists has released its 2019 programme of concerts at historic Victorian venues including Rippon Lea, Glenfern and Barwon Park.

Download the full programme in PDF format here, or visit for more details, as well as other TOP events, recordings and merchandise.




Exam Closing Dates 2019

With the release of the 2019 Examination Handbook (see News Diary above), the 2019 examination entry closing dates have been released. They are:

 • Series 1:  Monday 11th March
 • Series 2:  Monday 27th May
 • Series 3:  Monday 29th July

Syllabus Changeover Period

The 12-month changeover period has ended for the following syllabuses:

 • Pianoforte/Keyboard
 • Piano Duet
 • Guitar/Bass/Mandolin
 • Drum Kit
 • Theory of Music

From 2019, candidates for these exams must prepare from the 2018–20 editions. 

With the release of the new Singing syllabus and support books early in 2019, the 12-month changeover option will be available to singing teachers and students throughout the coming year.



Guest Feature

What’s in a Name? Mark II

      (or...  Learning a New Piece)

By Maureen Grieve

As I think about writing this, I seem to have a sense of déjà vu that I have written some time ago on this very topic. However, my recent examining experiences have compelled me to revisit the subject, as little consideration still seems to be given to the importance of the title of any piece being presented.

Having heard a truly “remarkable” performance of a Chopin Valse at Grade Six level, I asked for General Knowledge, ‘What is a Valse?’ The candidate thought for a moment or two, then answered, ‘A thing.’ I asked, ‘What kind of thing?’ The reply: ‘Just a thing; that’s all I know.’  So perhaps that explains why performance sounded more like stampeding elephants than an elegant triple-time dance.

Similarly, students often do not understand that the performance must paint in sound a tone picture suggested by the title: Once Upon a Time (wistfully nostalgic – predominantly mp) or Song of Distant Shores (suggesting a melody from afar; the loudest dynamic is mf until the very last line!). Twilight has no dynamic directions louder than mp.

Before starting to learn the notes, students should know the characteristics of a classical sonatina, or a minuet or bourrée or polonaise. They should also know what all the terms and directions mean, so they can apply these at the same time as learning the notes. Most recent performances of The Galloping Horse were more andante or adagio than allegretto, and yes, there was one horse which had well and truly bolted at prestissimo. Again, I discovered on asking the question for General Knowledge that the term allegretto was often not correctly known.

Learning notes does not constitute learning a piece of music; the notes are merely the first important step, the means by which the true representation of the piece can be given when all the composer’s directions are observed. It is necessary to think beyond the notes to what the music really means. Merely knowing the notes of a ragtime piece is not sufficient for a satisfactory performance if the right hand syncopation is not understood; knowing the notes of a sonatina is not sufficient for a satisfactory performance if the left hand accompaniment overpowers the right hand (as so often happens). Knowing the notes means little if the playing is much too loud, or much too fast or slow for what is expected. Yes, notes must be learnt thoroughly (my teacher used to insist on my knowing a piece 110% to allow for possible nerves in a performance), but do not consider a piece learnt when all the notes are known. This is just the start. Consider the title and its meaning carefully, and how the piece must be performed to depict this accurately to the listener. What mood or character or style is required to be conveyed? What is the correct range of dynamics to be applied? What is the correct tempo to be chosen?

Examiners often hear many notes, but not as much music as we would like. What's in a name? The answer is everything when it relates to the performance of a piece of music, and the choices which must be made to realise the title correctly in the performance.



From our Representatives...

Jenny Brown, New Zealand

Thanks to all our NZ ANZCA teachers, who have worked systematically and flexibly with their students. We had a large number of students sitting ANZCA practical and theory exams, so wll done to all! Thank you too for the ANZCA publications orders you've sent to me. I've done 100 orders again this year!

Welcome to Alexis Westlake, a newly registered ANZCA teacher from Ruakaka, near Whangarei. We're very pleased to have your vibrant interest in that North Auckland area, and look forward to many happy years of association with ANZCA.

As I'll be away in our caravan from the 17th of December to the end of January, please email or text any publications orders or queries and I'll reply when I have reception. If in your holiday travels you meet any teachers who would like a free ANZCA teacher's pack, please let me know their names and contact details and I'll be happy to send them one!

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas Season and a refreshing New Year and holiday.

Audrey Chin, Malaysia & Singapore

Twelve months have passed in the blink of an eye, and ending the year with Christmas celebrations brings all of us into recap mode, thinking of what we have achieved over the many days, weeks and months. Whether it has been fruitful or disastrous, we learn to rejoice for the good and hope to be better if it has not been so good. There is always a way if there is a will.

Kota Kinabalu is taking the lead and we are proud that the kindergartens are adopting the ANZCA assessment system for their music curriculum, thus reckoning their music education values, and we will continue to push for a comprehensive early childhood music programme using the Board's criteria. (See photos below.)

In these modern times, one has no excuse for being ignorant, as information is so accessible with a finger swipe or push; however, we still believe in learning and sharing face-to-face. Thus, workshops were organised, where real human interactions happened. (See photos below of examiner Emmanuel Cuschieri presenting drum workshops.) No matter how real animations become, they can never surpass the emotions evoked in live settings. YouTube vs. Concert Halls – a good discussion topic over meals and drinks perhaps.

As we wind up our work for the year and get our parties and holidays planned, I would like to wish everyone a blessed Christmas and an exciting New Year!

Below: ANZCA examiner Maureen Grieve with students of Tadika Junior Kawanku, and with principals Catrina and Irene, and music teacher Sharon. (Click to enlarge.)

Above: ANZCA examiner Emmanuel Cuschieri presents a masterclass at Ha Ha Music Centre, Sembilan. (Click to enlarge.)

BMAS, Thailand

Learning never ends!

Many thanks to Ms Sandra Conwell for such an informative and enjoyable experience in the seminar "Introduction to the New Jazz Syllabus", which was held at the BMAS music school in Bangkok. The event was attended by music teachers from BMAS and the Australian International School, Bangkok. Click on the photos below to enlarge each.



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